Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Don't Look at the Boogers.....

Have you every noticed a booger hanging from someones nose?  Gross, right?  You have three options to handle this... well, 4 options really, but getting it for them is not really a good option.

Firstly, you can ignore it.  Although, that's kinda like trying to ignore Mr. Plumbers Crack at the hardware store, or the bug walking across the television screen.

Another option is to pick at your own nose while staring pointedly at the person, and at certain intervals, clear your throat while nodding in their direction while opening your eyes in an 'I can't believe you are just letting that hang out of your nose' manner.

Last option, and the most effective, is to just tell them...

'Hey man.... you have the most ginormous booger hanging out your nose.  You're going to want to get that taken care of'

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