Friday, June 17, 2011

The Unscratchable Itch

Have you ever had an itch right in the middle of your back just out of reach of your fingers?  It doesn't matter how much you scratch near the itch from above or below it never really quite fixes it.  Only direct contact can solve the problem, but asking your neighbor or some passer by in the hall to scratch the itch is taboo.

This is where the wall, and more particularly the corner of the wall, comes in handy.  So you pretend to be going to the bathroom, all the way scoping out potential back scratching areas.  Two things make the spot desirable.

1 - Sharp Corners -  Rounding corners might be safer, but they are horible at itch relief... which is why you build things in your house anyway...

2 - Out of public view - You are not an adorable grizzly bear, nor are you a cute puppy.  As such, nobody should have to watch you.

Ok, so now you have your spot and nobody is looking.  How do you scratch that itch?  Some like circles, and others like side to side.  The best actually is a figure eight as it gives you the best chance of hitting every potential itchy spot.

....... now, isn't that better?  Now if only itching your behind were that easy...

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