Friday, July 8, 2011

Too Much Time On Your Hands

I think people can be separated into three distinct groups.  Protesters, counter protesters, and people who work.  If there is one thing that I have noticed recently, the first two groups of people seem to have an overwhelming amount of time on their hands.  I see people out protesting, which in and of itself can be about 10 percent of the time a worthy use of ones time.  Mostly, though, it does about as much good as screaming at an spider and expecting it to get scared and leave.

"Heck no, no more processed chicken!!!  Heck no, no more processed chicken!!!"

Is the processed chicken killing you?  No.  Do you have other food consumption options?  Yes! 

The worst kind of protesters in my opinion are those who protest the protesters.  They're the ones that try to make their endeavors sound smart by calling them "counter protests", though it inevetiably devolves into a child's playground arguement.

"Heck no, no more processed chicken!!!  Heck no, no more processed chicken!!!"

Then you get the 'counter' argument...

"You guys are stupid"

There are protesters I see every day on the way to work.  Oddly enough, they don't seem to leave to go anywhere.  They are there all day.  This leaves me to wonder if perhaps there is a lot of money in protesting....

Protest unfair taxation.... good.

Protest dangerous work environment.... good.

Protesting to get chocolate milk out of children's schools.... maybe not.

Protesting the protesters and those who protest the protesters in a blog... crap, got me there...

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