Thursday, July 21, 2011

Truth, Justice, and.... oooh.... Shiny!

There was a time when the office where I work had a walkway clear of any hurdle.  My mind had memorized that hallway to the point that I could literally walk backwards, blindfolded, and gagged and still make it.  It was a perfect place to walk and chew gum even for the most clumsy person.  That is until someone decided to put a plant in the hallway that sticks out halfway from the wall.  Many a person has run into that plant because, like so many things, we don't realize we've lost something until we impale ourselves on a tree.

The same can be said about life in general.  Growing up, I recall a time when I could go outside and play in an open field and do pretty much whatever I wanted.  We built a tree house that everyone in the neighborhood used.  In travelling back to that same spot today, there are houses as far as the eye can see.  It happened gradually, but the open spaces that so many held dear are now gone.

The issue here is how quickly our minds focus on the shiny as a new way to slice bread.  Sometimes, the original doesn't need improvement.  Another example is how subtly American superheroes have change over the years to where they are nearly devoid of the American part of their character.  Superman stands for truth, justice, and all that stuff.  Wonder Woman ditched the star spangled lingerie.  Spiderman doesn't mention NYC anymore.

The thing is, American values haven't changed, but the way some people look at them has become more popular.  America still stands for freedom, truth, and justice.  It still stands for greatness and fair play.  The question is, who will stand up for these values?  Standing together with those who hold them so dear will ensure their survival.  Ignore those values and truths, and we lose them.  One day we will impale ourselves on the tree and wonder what the heck happened.

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