Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blog the First... The Wise Guy Speaketh...

For a great while now, I have wanted to start a good blog.  You know, the kind that people actually want to read?  Perhaps one that pursues the depth and scope of my thinking?  I started brainstorming about ideas for said blog, and, having started several pathetic blogs, I wanted make an attempt at something that was, well, "unpathetic"...

Off the list almost immediately were clothes and fashion.  Sure I wear clothes, and one might have considered them fashionable at some point, it is certainly not something in which I have a lot of credibility. 

Next to get the axe was politics.  I have my opinions the same as the next guy, but the next guys opinions stink, and nobody wants to be told they stink.  It is immediately a turn off to readers if you insult them, so I will attempt to avoid insults.

Also off the list were mustache care, llama grooming, cockroach mating habits, etc.

I finally narrowed the list of acceptable topics and came up, finally, with a topic.  Are you ready for this?  It's pretty exciting...

Whatever is on my mind at the time!

So, whether wise or not, I'll say it... and if it doesn't go well, I will revert back to the topic that was runner up.... "Theoretical Stuff".

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