Friday, June 17, 2011

Gee Whiz - It's Science Friday!!!! FECAL BURGER EDITION

It's been a while since I have read a really good science story, let alone one that I thought I could share that would leave you amazed, more intelligent, and at the same time grossed out.  Well, the search is over....

Dateline, Japan.  Japanese scientists have been working feverishly on improving hamburgers.  They tried cooking it slowly over an open flame, and they have also tried cooking it very quickly to scare all of the bacteria out of it.  For some reason, however, all of their attempts have tasted like crap.

Now for you and me, crappy tasting hamburgers would be cause to take up another hobby like knitting or at least find a different thing to test your science on.  These scientists actually took a different tack.  "If we can make hamburgers that taste like crap... can we make crap that tastes like hamburgers?"

They extracted the protien from human feces and made it into hamburgers.  They put a little steak sauce to flavor it, but it tastes just like a hamburger.... well, that's what they say, and I am completely willing to take their word for it!

The benefits are of course that there will be less crap in the sewer, and potential obesity control.  Fecal burgers are sure to be a hit diet.

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