Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Welcome to Backward Land

I was recently driving to work when a massive truck deliberately blocked my path while I was entering the freeway.  I had to slow to a near stop to prevent being squished.  This got me to thinking, (after I yelled at the guy from the safety of my car, of course), is this guys head firmly planted up his butt?  Which actually makes sense because only by sitting on your head could you have made a move so brilliant.

It seems now days, unlike the carefree days of my childhood in the 80's, the world is a kind of backward mess.  For example, while growing up, it was common practice to go outside whenever you could so as to play sports, go swimming, or otherwise engage in childhood frivolity.  You couldn't go three steps without encountering said frivolity.

Now, though, you drive through neighborhoods of houses that are seemingly vacant.  Not a single child outside playing.  In fact, if by chance you did see a child outside playing, you'd wonder what kind of crappy parents would let their children play outside.

It turns out that in Backward Land, we go inside to enjoy our frivolity.  Not active frivolity, mind you, but the simulated kind in front of the television.  I used to hate being inside.  Inside actually used to be a punishment.  Now it's a treat.

Another part of Backward Land is the way we treat one another.  How many times do you see someone on the street and you wave to them just because they are there?  To better illustrate how backward we are now, what is the first thing that comes into your mind when you see someone dare wave TO YOU?

"What on earth is that weirdo waving at?  Probably a pervert, or someone trying to case the neighborhood."

Now, I am not saying that we need to revisit the 50's or Leave it to Beaver, heaven knows I would miss my iPhone...

But maybe we can turn a few of those things to face the right way again?  Perhaps we ought to strive to be a little more kind, and a little more selfless.

Backward Land needs to turn around.

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  1. Here here! BTW, I'm loving the mobile version of your blog so I can read it at work. :)