Thursday, June 23, 2011

US Airways - No Saggy Pants Just Crossdressing

I am sure some of you have heard about the University of New Mexico football player who was kicked of a US Airways flight because of saggy pants.  You haven't?  Well, there was a University of New Mexico football player who was kicked off a US Airways flight for saggy pants.

Now I, being the hip guy that I am, understand style and self expression.  Sometimes you just gotta sag your pants.  For me, that time is when I am taking them off at night to go to sleep, but for the UNM player it was on a flight from California.  I shall make no judgement on the player and his saggy pants other than to say if it breaks the rules, pull your pants up.

The thing is, rules are rules and due to the fact that he refused to pull his pants up, he was arrested.  I wasn't there, so there could be more to it, but it seems as though this is a slight overreaction.  Especially when coupled with the following story:

A man who wished to not be identified climbs aboard US Airways dressed in women's undergarments.  His does it because it makes his business travel more enjoyable.... and by so doing makes everyone else feel less joy.

Now for the crazy part.  This guy can crossdress in ladies underwear and the UNM guy can't sag his pants.  If the rule is that you cannot dress in such a way that your pants hang around your knees, then shouldn't a half naked 65 year old also be against the rules?

I mean, COME ON!!!!

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