Thursday, May 26, 2011

Plank On It vs. Bacon Sundae

There are some crazy things going on out there.  First, there is planking.  The point of planking is to have a person imitate a long plank of wood in some obscure location.  I, for one, do not get it.  With so many more exciting things to spend your time on (Old Maid, tongue piercing, bashing your toe on the corner of the wall etc.) why anyone would want to be a piece of wood?  Apparently it is huge in Australia where several people have been seriously injured or killed.

My favorite... er... not really favorite as that is kind of morbid... we'll call it my non-favorite favorite.  Anyway, this guy gets out on his balcony several stories up and tries to lay on the railing.  He loses his balance and plummets to his doom.  Really.... why would you do this?  Crocodile wrestling too mundane?

This leads me to another bit of craziness.  I went to Denny's the other day and was greeted with something that nearly put my stomach out of commission.  I know some of you probably feel the same way even considering eating at Denny's, so this probably won't seem so weird.  Well, they have a new product that combines a breakfast favorite with ice cream.  No, they did not combine waffles, nor did they combine ice cream with strawberry cream cheese.  Both choices, to me anyway, would have been immediately superior to.....

Bacon Sundae!!!!  The motto for this desert is... "Bacon... The New Chocolate Syrup."  Yeah, yummy.  Next thing they will do is combine orange juice with coffee, or pancakes and corned beef.

Congratulations Denny's... Grand Slam?  Nah, just a bunch of pig meat.

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