Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sticky Situation

Anyone out there recall the song by Alanis Morissette called Ironic?  If yes, then this will make sense.  If not, I will spare you the YouTube video of me lip syncing.... this time...

Anyway, the lyrics point out a few ironic situations and puts them to music.  Wow, at the next Alanis Morissette concert she should be introduced like that.

"Ladies and Gentlemen!  Welcome to a concert where Alanis Morissette puts ironic lyrics to music."

Riveting entertainment for sure.  Anyway, she mentions how irony is like raaaaaaaaaeeaaaiiiinnnn on your wedding day, a free riiiiieeeeiiiide when you've already paid.  It's good adviiiiiice that you just can't take, and who would of thought?  It figgers.

This is a perfect way to bring up the following news story.  So apparently a man in Vermont who worked in the honey business spent three weeks in the hospital due to anaphalactic shock and extreme honey allergy.

It's like being a honnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy worker when you are alllllllllllleeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrgggggiiiiiiicccccccccccc....

It figgers...

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