Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Future Proof Your Life

There is a new catch phrase in the technology world that is being used to the point of annoyance.  Future Proof.  It is currently the focal point of a large technology company that will remain nameless, other than to say it rhymes with Messed My.

By taking part in their program, one can future proof their purchases to make sure they always have the latest and greatest.  This company can do this because they grant you a credit towards your next purchase by virtue of you turning over your old device(s).  Great deal, right?  We take no position on Messed My's plan at all, excepting two words... rip... off.

This got me thinking about what other items might be "future proofed".  After several attempts, I have developed a list of things that can and cannot be future proofed.  Starting with the cannot...

Cannot be Future Proofed -

Pudding - How awesome would it be to have pudding that was made to be far superior to any future pudding?  Unfortunately, there will always be a better pudding.

Shoes - Truly this one was perplexing to me until I realized that nobody but Tom Cruise still wears platform shoes.

Underwear - Have you ever not washed your underwear because you thought that they were too cool to get dirty?  <Ahem>... me neither.

Science - It's 20 below in the middle of July in Death Valley as the Ice Age drags on for another century.  Beside the frozen pond we see the reflection of the sun and moon revolving peacefully around the Earth.

Luggage (particularly women's luggage) - Try as hard as I might, I have yet to find luggage that can automatically grow larger when a woman changes her mind on what to bring.

Can be Future Proofed -

Elementary School Songs - Joy to the World... if the next line you sang was "the school burned down", you proved my point.

Cheese - according to the French, the older and stinkier the cheese, the more it costs.... I mean, the better it tastes...

Unidentified Smells in Your Car - short of getting a new car, you will always smell the dirty diaper you forgot was there, because after 140 degrees and 4 hours of cooking, nothing is going to get that out....

Anyway, these are just a few of the things I could think of.  Any others?

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