Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Overheard - Don't Say It If It's Stupid

In the office where I work, the bathroom is where people choose to say the dumbest things.  For example:

"It must suck to have a vacuum on on your head"

Turns out, it's not just my company bathroom where this happens.  So I bring you -

OVERHEARD - Don't Say It If It's Stupid

NYC woman on cell phone -

I know, but I was at a funeral all day...Yeah, it was sad, but I really didn't know him at all...This saddest thing was seeing his daughters upset. They're the same ages as--Wow! This shirt is only $19!! You can't even buy a freaking Frappuccino for $19! I'm getting it in blue.

Air Traffic Control Tower -

“Approach, how far from the airport are we in minutes?”
“N923, the faster you go, the quicker you’ll get here.”

Jewelry Store -

"Could I use these coupons to buy something and not pay for it?"

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