Friday, April 22, 2011

Self Healing Polymers

Being the cool guy that I am you would hardly expect a post I have written to be titled "Self Healing Polymers", right?  I mean, who in their right mind besides the uber dorky even uses the word 'polymers'?  I have before used the word poly (usually spelled Polly... bunch of crazy scientists spelled it wrong) and 'mer' but only when appended to the word 'maid', but that is hardly the same thing.

Anyway, there is a story on the site that goes into the ability of specialized polymers to heal themselves when under UV light.  The plastic like material in essence heats up and the polymer becomes almost fluid and fills in scratches an imperfections in the material.  We here at the Wise Guy And Beyond Blog can think of many uses for such things, none the least of which is every cell phone I have ever had.

Now if they could apply the same characteristics to car paint....

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