Monday, April 11, 2011

Most Boringest... er... boringerestly day...

April 11, 1954 - The Day That Will Live in Mediocrity

Apparently April 11, 1954 was the day that nothing happened.  After going through a stunning list of 300 million events, a British researcher concludes there were startlingly few notable events that occurred on April 11th.  Using my own experience to further hammer down that point, I cannot remember anything about that day.  It's almost as if that day didn't exist in my past...

I am sure April 11, 1954 seems boring when you look at the minor things that happened that day, but they didn't take into account the day I am having today... 2011 is definitely giving 1954 a run for its money.  Seeing that I didn't exist in 1954, that's definitely saying something.

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