Monday, April 4, 2011

Idealy Speaking...

There would be no Mondays, because not only are they not very fun, they are in many ways unnecessary.  Excepting the need to start the week at some point (dubious), why do we have a single day where everything breaks and or falls apart?  I would imagine with six other days in the week it would be possible to spread the carnage out a little.  It's like there is some cosmic insignificance to Mondays, which allows all the muck from other days to gravitate there, much like a child to the nasty piece of gum under the table at McDonald's.  Perhaps the entire space-time continuum is more of space-time traffic jam to start the week?  We are sure NASA/Google are working on this.

Also, if we are going to speak of things that are not necessary, how about the Dewey Decimal System, or as I like to call it, the "Librarian Welfare Program" (don't send me hate mail), or the "Make Me Not Want To Read Because I Can't Find the Book I Want To Read, Which Leads to the Debasement of Society and the Dumbing Down of our Children and Culture" (MMNWTRBICFTBIWTRWLTTDOSATDDOOCAC for short.... scratch that, definitely too long to put on a t-shirt).

Ah, and another unnecessary thing I just thought up... urinals that go all the way to the ground.  Why not just a wall?  There's one of those outside, and it didn't cost you anything extra to put it there.

What else can you think of that is unnecessary?  And don't say "this blog" because "A", that's just mean, and "B", I already know that...

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